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Pure Blue Oceans

Hello water lovers!

Pure Blue is committed to saving oceans, raising awareness, and creating a positive impact.

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Why we do what we do

In recent years I have noticed an increase in the mistreatment of our oceans. There are species of fish I grew up seeing that I now rarely encounter. Much of the colorful coral is dead or diminished. On my most recent snorkeling trip I felt trash brush up against my skin and collected several pieces and tucked them into my bathing suit. With every stroke I’d feel the discomfort of crumpled waste rubbing against my body. Now, my snorkeling trips have become a clean up effort when it used to be just about admiring the beauty below the surface. The accelerated rate of deterioration has made me realize that we urgently need to change our wasteful habits and become more aware of our impact on the oceans. We can make a difference and save our oceans by reducing waste and choosing responsible products! Pure Blue products are not only desirable, they also serve a purpose; we are saving the oceans one purchase at a time.

How we give back

By purchasing a Pure Blue product you are helping us raise awareness about the impact humans have on our ocean’s environment. We implement educational programs, participate in beach cleanups, conduct canal cleanups, and donate to and volunteer with other environmental protection groups.